SUSTAINABLE FASHION: Resolutions To Help The Planet

If you’re anything like me, every year on December 31st you think “This year, I’m getting my shit together!”. You tell people you’re going to be better, do better, eat better, be a better friend, mother, father, or partner. That’s what new years resolutions are about right? Improving yourself in the year to come. At least that's what we've been told (read sold) year after year.

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Ellie EvansComment
ELLE ON SIZING: Anything but Standard

As a designer, a lack of standards gives us flexibility and freedom to create a greater variety of sizes. We can make clothes that fit people who are short in the body, long in the legs, broad through the shoulders, wide through the hip etc,etc.

This diversity in our sizing is unique to Australia and I say we should revel in it.

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