ELLE ON SIZING: Anything but Standard

Anything but Standard

Sizing in the fashion industry is a well-picked topic; it has been discussed, reviewed and altered for decades. Poor little Australia has had no National Standard Sizing Regulations (for adult clothing at least) since 2007 -when the Australian Standard Sizing Regulations (established in 1959!) were deemed irrelevant and scrapped.

This has obviously been a little problematic for you O consumer! I’m sure all of you have a multitude of different sizes in your wardrobe: Smalls, 10’s, 12’s, Mediums, Open size’s all of which fit you perfectly? While this can be annoying -having to take three different sizes into the change room just to find the right size- there is a positive flip side…

As a designer, a lack of standards gives us flexibility and freedom to create a greater variety of sizes. We can make clothes that fit people who are short in the body, long in the legs, broad through the shoulders, wide through the hip etc,etc.

This diversity in our sizing is unique to Australia and I say we should revel in it.

Oddly however, sizing diversity hasn’t really had its day when it comes to swimwear. Try on any bra and you’ll have plenty of options to find your perfect fit, but when it comes to swimwear –the only other garment that needs to fit as snug as a bra and knickers- you’ll be faced with a wall of S,M ,L one pieces and bikini sets. Ah the bikini set… did you know that average Bra size of Australian women is 14, and the average Undies size is 16? Does this not spark some confusion?

For instance have you ever found your self sneakily switching bikini tops and bottoms in the changing rooms so you can buy the size 10 bottoms (that wont fall off in the surf) and the size 8 tops (that actually fit your boobs)? Or found yourself giving up on one pieces because the ones that fit your tush, are loose around your top half?

Well, at Elle Evans, we know well and truly that when it comes to women’s bodies there is no standard, and to stop you tearing your hair out wondering why you have to be “between sizes” we’ve created our shop just for you, a haven of sensibly sized swimwear. When you purchase from our custom shop you can select your perfect upper and lower size for a bikini and a one piece! Problem solved! 

And next time you try on a pair of pants that don't quite fit right, take small comfort in the face that somewhere out there is a woman who has been looking for those pants her whole life. And remember one woman's sizing nightmare is another woman's standard!