balck friday.jpg

If there's one day that captures the needless consuming of fast fashion, and overspending on things we don't need it's Black Friday. 

Sales in general I can get behind, but there is a level of consuming-for-the-sake-of-consuming on Black Saturday and Cyber Monday that goes beyond getting that one piece you've had your eye on for a long time at 20% off. 

As a sustainable business we make to order to limit the amount of fabric waste we create, we pay our local seamstress a living wage, we use a fabric that costs more in dollars so it won't cost the environment. Remember that someone or something pays the price for sales even if you don't. 

I'm not saying don't shop today, but I am asking you to think before you buy, ask yourself "Do I need this", "Who made this?" And "Is this price fair for that person?" 

If your answers are "yes" "someone being paid well and treated with dignity" and "it sure is"  then by all means add-to-cart baby! 

Ellie Evans