Capsule wardrobes are all about having a small collection of versatile pieces; maximising the use you get out of every piece in your wardrobe. You know that great pair of jeans you can wear with anything? Imagine if your whole wardrobe was like that!

Purdy is our communications manager (and wonderful big sister to me, Ellie) and takes care of lots of bits and pieces behind the scenes. She also happens to be a new mum (to an adorable nine-month-old) and has just gone back to work part-time. Just quietly we're pretty stoked to be an all-female workplace and to currently employ three bad-ass young mums who desperately want and need to be flexing their creative muscles! Tanya and I wanted to help Purdy out with developing a capsule wardrobe for Autumn/Winter that would take her from the park to the office.

To build a capsule wardrobe sustainably you need to assess what you already have and work out which key items are missing.  A great place to start is by making a “floordrobe” yep, drag everything out of your wardrobe and chuck it on the floor! And then it’s time to get ruthless.

Try on every, yes EVERY piece, you'll be surprised what you might fall back in love with. As a new mum key factors to look at for Purdy were, is it breastfeeding friendly? Can I walk comfortably? (Mum's walk everywhere amirite!!) Can I wear it to work? Can I wear it with at least 3 different things? Is it comfortable? And is it flattering!  

I suggested pretending you were planning a month long trip and pulling out the key pieces you would "pack", then stashing the rest in a box for the rest of the season to see if you miss anything! Another approach to this is the old turn the coat hanger around the wrong way trick; if you haven't touched the garment in 6 months time for it to move on to the Op shop! (or give it to your younger sister!)

01_CAPSULE WARDROBEFor a New Mum.jpg

Here’s where we ended up with Purdy’s existing wardrobe, 15 pieces that she already loves and work really well together. You’ll probably notice a colour palette emerging, Purdy has lots of blacks, greys and olive greens and a little denim. We freshened it up by adding some whites, light denims and prints to her wardrobe. 

Here are the six  pieces  Purdy invested in to complete her capsule wardrobe for Autumn/Winter. 

  1. A great patterned top (its loose enough to lift up for breastfeeding) an excellent one for work, but casual enough for a play date at a cafe. This one was an op shop find!

  2. A comfy loose white tee, a must have (also op shop score)

  3. Demin jacket (even if the 90's aren't here to stay a denim jacket is a classic you guys)

  4. Cirta Skrit by the lovely people at Tamga Designs, this is a great piece to invest in as it works all year round! A knotted tee for summer or add tights, boots and a leather jacket for winter.

  5. Perfect for those days when you're on the go all day Our Fruta 7/8th Legging Fruity

  6. High waisted Jeans, these ones were actually my mums, vintage Levis from the 70's! Never forgot to check out the back of your mums wardrobe as well as your own.

02_CAPSULE WARDROBEFor a New Mum.jpg