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Good On You + Elle Evans, Made for you and made for the planet.

Good On You + Elle Evans, Made for you and made for the planet.

elle evans ethically made activewear locally made swimwear from recycled Econyl fabric in Australia

You’ve probably heard us talk about Good on You a bit (or a lot, we heart them!)

Their nifty app is a go to source for brand ratings, articles and expertise in ethical and sustainable fashion. You can download the Good on You app to discover ethical brands and see how your fave brands (Hi yes hello we’re on there!) measure up. 

This week GOY's Isobella Wolfe sat down (virtually) with our founder Elle Evans about how it all began, from the made to order process, to honouring the environment and everything in between, you can read a snippet of that chat here:


Designer and founder Elle Evans had been working in the fashion industry for five years when she decided she couldn’t take it anymore. The amount of waste even a small brand could produce was unfathomable to her, and it baffled her that a designer could sketch an idea and then have thousands of the final product arrive in the warehouse without knowing all the ins-and-outs of where it came from. She knew things needed to change. So, in 2013 her swim and activewear label Elle Evans was born.


"I knew I wanted to structure my company differently, and starting from scratch meant that sustainability could be at the heart of every decision I made."


Elle knew she wanted to make swimwear from the beginning, but she wanted to make it better. Better for you, and better for the planet. Here’s how she does it.

 elle evans ethically made activewear made from recycled Econyl fabric in Australia


The norm in fashion is to manufacture as much as you can all at once to reduce costs. Made-to-order is one of the most sustainable production methods to combat this fast fashion process. This slower approach to design means that waste is drastically reduced, and products are consciously created only when they are wanted. 


Just for you

We all know that loved clothes last. Elle wanted to give people a place to buy beautiful, comfortable, empowering swimwear and activewear without the enormous environmental impact that usually goes along with it. She took it one step further by deciding to tackle the “But will it fit me?” issue head-on: the entire range is available in sizes 2XS-3XL. An added benefit of being made-to-order means the brand can offer customisations in fit, colour, or print for those who want their piece to be a bit more “them.”


Honouring the environment

Traditionally, swimwear and activewear are made with harmful materials like petroleum-based nylon. That’s where ECONYL® comes in.

“Our fabric is made from regenerated ECONYL® yarn, an amazing circular product that comes from ocean waste and can be recycled over and over again without losing quality. The Healthy Seas Initiative is the organisation out there collecting those old fishing nets and nylon waste from the ocean that becomes our fabric.” Knowing the ocean is so important to our health and survival, the brand partnered with Healthy Seas Initiative and donates $1 of every sale to them to continue their crucial work.

 elle evans ethically made sustainable swimwear made from recycled Econyl fabric in Australia

What’s next?

While the products are already made from eco-friendly recycled fabrics, Elle hopes that in the future, all customers can recycle their Elle Evans swimsuit, legging, rashie, or sports bra through the brand, knowing that they have closed the loop rather than left a footprint on the ecosystem. Elle has also been considering how they would continue to work made-to-order as the brand grows, and her dream is to offer roles with flexible hours and fair pay and teach sewing skills to women in need. 



good on you ethical and sustaiable fashio brands australia
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