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Finding balance

Finding balance

At EE there is always a balance of the mind and the body. We might flex our creative muscles pretty hard but to do that we need to escape to the beach or get on the yoga mat on the regular. Designer Ellie teaches Barre Classes in her "spare time" and last September I decided to do my yoga teacher training. And let me tell you, it was the most remarkable experience of 2019.

First, the universe interfered by putting Julie and Yoga Breeze Bali into my path, when I needed the most. To be honest, at this point I wasn't thinking about the teaching part, I was more focus on my personal growth. And spoiler alert, I am now teaching yoga back in France!

On the 4th of September, I arrived in Bali and met for the first time the 9 beautiful souls who became my Bali family for a month as I started my 200 hours of yoga teacher training. I can never thanks enough my four teachers during this training, Julie, Lia, Sandy, and Brian for their wonderful work and patience. Because it was HARD! And sometimes we might have been a bit of a pain to them haha (Sorry for the grumpy faces during the morning practices at 5:30 guys!)

To be clear, if you're imagining that I spent a month of massages, beaches, and coconut drinks, well, you might be slightly disappointed (don't worry I  still had plenty of time off to enjoy yourself and Bali's beaches!). Actually, I think without the pampering and self-indulgences I gained more, how to surrender myself, the power of meditation, and filling my cup with so much knowledge.ow to surrender yourself, no beaches will teach you the power of meditation, and no coconut water will fill you with so much knowledge.

One of the perks of working at Elle Evans is that while I was off growing as a person I got to wear-test the new activewear collection. And being in Bali, this training was the perfect excuse to rock both swimwear and activewear from the Moss collection. One of the things I like the most is the versatility of the piece. I could do my training all morning with the Slate Short and the Lila Sports Bra, and jump straight into the ocean for a sneaky dip. The quick-drying fabric meant I'd be dry again before my next class with no one the wiser :)

My training was hard work, yes, but I learned so much about myself in such a short time, it's difficult for me to put words in such a deep experience. I appreciate even more now the balance each of us needs of body and mind to work to their best ability and I'm so, so glad I push myself and did it.

My only advice to you, if you have that little nagging feeling that maybe you want to do it. Go for it! (and don't forget to bring your fav EE piece with you for extra sass and motivation) *but not right now, right now... We want everybody safe :)

Practical info: 

The teaching is in English, located in Bali and certified by Yoga Alliance.

The next session is June 3rd to 27th  (here the rest of the sessions for 2020, as it might change due to the current situation)

If you want to see the raw feedback from the students after their completion of the training go check this page. It's worth the detour! 

**Special mention** During my stay, I booked a twin room with one of the other student. Julie has a spooky intuition when it comes to pairing people together and I ended up with the best roommate I could ever ask, Amanda. She was so important to me during this training, and she is still. #sororitybaby! And when it will be possible (and SAFE) again, please try one of her classes in NYC. She has such wonderful energy to share with the world.  

Note from the 27th of April: I wrote this article months ago, and I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude when I read my own words. I have been so lucky to travel, meet people from all over the world, and grow so much as a human being. I know, we are all living difficult times, but maybe as everything is getting slower, we have time to think about what we need for ourselves. I hope my words can be a see and one day who knows, it might bloom into something. Lots of love, Ophelie xx


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We'll be putting our feet up for a well deserved (read desperately needed) break until the 20th of January 2022.

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