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Who is the Elle behind Elle Evans Swimwear?

Who is the Elle behind Elle Evans Swimwear?

Article written by Ophelie - one third of the Elle Evans team and Eco warrior in progress


For Fashion Revolution Week, I wanted to talk less about the product (don’t get me wrong I can talk about our swimwear for hours) and more about the amazing people behind all of it. If it wasn’t for all those creative people out there challenging their reality for a better world, the sustainable world won’t ever exist.

So here my love letter to Ellie - I’m pretty sure she will probably hate me for that haha

Ellie is humble, doesn’t like to be in the spotlight, or to talk too much about her and how she manages to have her own company and be a super-duper mum.

She not only designs your pieces, she sews them in her studio, plus manages the admin side of the company (with Louis aka financial cat consultant always by her side!). She is not only talented, but she is dedicated to making a difference in the fashion industry. She is always making sure that any strap left, or waste fabric has a chance to be used. A good example of this is the tassels on our iconic Sandman Onepiece, which are not only here for pretty detail, but to give a second life to those wasted pieces of fabric. And well you can imagine the hustle to carefully cut and make every one of them! Not for Ellie, there is no question when it’s about reducing our impact. You won’t ever see those tassels in the same way again.

When you are coming to our website, or Instagram you are not only seeing clothes, there’s a part of Ellie in every collection, literally, her 2 years old daughter can be found on some pictures. (I will let you figure it out which ones)

An interesting fact about Ellie is that she was embracing sustainable living before it was even a “thing”. Mending things when they didn't fit or were torn and making her own dresses from fabric found at the op-shop was her reality since she was a kid. For Ellie all those things are effortless, and you learn so much by just being around her.  

But even if she has always been aware of those issues, she won’t take her knowledge for granted for a second. She’s forever challenging herself to find out if a more sustainable option is out there.

Ellie, is an inspiring woman and I want to thank her for using her talent to help change the rules of the fashion industry and letting us connect with the maker of our products.



To read more of Ellie’s Fashion Revolution Week tips click here.


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